Tell the children was set up in 1994 by Steve & Rachel Peat to make available visualised Bible verses and quiz scoring methods to those working with children. In the days before colour inkjet printers and scanners were widely available these were laser printed on coloured and dayglo paper or colour photocopied and sent out as hard copies to be laminated or mounted on card.

Now of course much has changed and some these same materials are now becoming available on CD in PDF format for printing at home.

Steve & Rachel Peat are now working in Peru among children with SIM (Serving in Mission). Over the last few years they have produced a range of visual aids and other materials in Spanish which will also be available on CD through this web site. Much of this material will also be available in English along with a small amount in French.

Tell the Children aims to help and encourage those involved in children's outreach, provide attractive and cost-effective materials as well as stimulating the establishment of new children's clubs.

We also aim to support these same aims through partnership with "Family Focus" in Peru. For more details, see the link on the left and Steve & Rachel's web site on the LINKS page.

Information CD

If you would like a CD containing PowerPoint presentations of the work Steve & Rachel are involved in and the projects planned for their return to Peru in February 2004, please send an e-mail to:

Tell the Children are planning to apply for charitable status enabling them to receive gift aid donations for their work.