We are in the process of converting resources to PDF format. As soon as CDs are available for purchase, we will post details here. If you sign up to receive our newsletter you will be kept fully informed of our progress.

We plan to have:

Holiday Bible Club material
Visualised Bible Verses
Children's Club Curriculum
Worksheet Art

We now have available:

CD of Quiz Scoring Methods

The link above takes you to a gallery of the visuals. There are 12 attractively visualised scoring methods for use on a brushed nylon board and a Family wall quiz. We have used these extensively in our ministry. All the visuals are in PDF format for printing in colour with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which is also included on the CD. These can then be laminated or stuck on card and covered in clear self-adhesive plastic sheet.

Purchasing this CD allows you to print the material for your own personal use. Please do not pass the CD around! We depend on income from its sale to fund further resource development in both English and Spanish. If you do make further copies, please make an appropriate donation to “Tell the Children”. Thanks for understanding!

To order this CD, send your name and full address along with a cheque made payable to “Tell the Children” for
£10-00 (includes postage) to:

Tell the Children
36 Glebe Road
S10 1FB

For further information, e-mail:


Topical notes on using quizzes in children’s programmes:

PDF File (137KB)

Detailed description of all the material on the CD:

PDF File (3.6MB)

PDF File, zipped (3.2MB)

Descriptions of individual quizzes as PDF Files:

Balloon Race (430KB)
Busy Bees (335KB)
Cake Bake (564KB)
Fraud Squad (164KB)
Girls & Boys (50KB)
Globe Trotter (240KB)
Iccle Family Wall Quiz (228KB)
Lions & Tigers (108KB)
Motor Races (422KB)
Pairs (52KB)
Shuttle Launch (65KB)
Snakes & Ladders (72KB)
Two of a Kind (997KB)