Steve & Rachel Peat, working in Peru among children with SIM, have set up a Peruvian non-profit making organization called "Enfoque Familiar", Family Focus in English. (This has nothing to do with Focus on the Family with James Dobson or their Spanish ministry, Enfoque a la Familia).


Family Focus aims to encourage and support the evangelical church in Peru through the provision of materials, training and networking to make it more effective and help individual believers to be salt and light in their communities.


Over the last few years they have produced a range of visual aids and other materials in Spanish which will in time be available on CD through this web site. Much of this material will also be available in English along with a small amount in French.


We recognise that we are members of one worldwide body of Jesus Christ. Tell the Children aim to support and encourage the work of Family Focus in a number of ways.


It is possible for Sunday Schools and other Children's Clubs to carry out projects to raise funds for different projects which Family Focus have in operation, particularly those related to children. This will benefit those who receive and will also enable children here to gain an insight into the church in a different culture and context.

In time we would like to set up links between children here and in Peru.

There are many possibilities and this is a new and developing ministry. If you would like to help or make suggestions, please get in touch!